Accounting/Invoicing/Payroll : QuickBooks Desktop Pro (Current Year)


Intuit is the best in the business at creating a useful and effective product. The desktop version is more affordable. It can be used for a business of one or a business of thousands of employees. Online QuickBooks is a viable option for those without office help, or bookkeeping needs.

Angie Gensler Products: Click above image please

​                                     why?

Social Media is required to push your business to the next level in your marketing efforts. Angie is a leader in Social Media Content. When and how to use it are important. Let her plan your social media posts for you!

                                      Join, Earn Cash!                                                                                         why?                                                        This is an affiliate marketing site that helps you find Retailers and the like to make a commission selling or providing an option to their items on your site. 

It's pretty neat. We use this for a few of the business options/apps we have on this "Andi's Favorites" page.

helpful resources for your business needs

email/call with any questions you may have on these providers/applications

Writing Assistant: Grammarly, Inc. (Click Image above)


Terrible writer? You're not alone. Grammarly was created to help proof-read your work for you! There's always a fee for the good stuff. But, Grammarly keeps it reasonable and helpful. It's amazing how helpful it can be. Need a different word? Click a button and it has it for you. Click the picture above and it will send you to their website!

Office Planners, Calendars & More!: Click Image above please


This is a great product if you're in the market for a quality product. Design your own calendars and planners. Or buy one ready to go! Putting personalized items on your desk helps your clients/customers feel welcome.

​​Business/Payroll Checks: Click Image Above Please


Techchecks.com offers the checks you're looking for at unbelievably low prices. Andi has used these checks for years. They have quick production time and quality products. There are many types, colors, and quantities. Logos may also be added for FREE!

Mileage Tracker: MileIQ Application

Discount Code:  AMCC720A = 20% OFF

MileIQ has been the go to mileage tracker for Andi for many years. 

Real Estate professionals, over-the-road construction workers, Sales Agents/Professionals have all seen a fantastic impact once they've downloaded MileIQ on their phone or tablets.

Ink/Toner/Drums/Belts: Click Image Above Please                                         why?

SuppliesOutlet.com offers the quality toner/ink and more for an affordable, unbelievable prive.Andi has used suppliesoutlet.com for years. They have quick shipping time and quality products. There are many types, colors, and quantities. If you can't find what you're looking for, just chat live and they'll help!

Expense Tracking: Expensify Application


Use this application to track your business expenses in a fun and easy to use phone app. Take pictures, keep notes, add as much or little info as you want. This is a great FREE application when QuickBooks isn't necessary.